How Does BCG BrightHouse Help You Excavate and Live
Your Business Purpose?

We bring business purpose to life in four stages.


We start by excavating and uncovering the truth about your organization. We interview your people, rigorously research your existing messaging, and conduct surveys to better define and articulate the authentic strengths of your company. We then take an external view, bringing in luminaries to help us uncover the need in the world that your organization is uniquely positioned to fulfill.


Drawing on the insights from our luminary network, as well as the organizational insights gathered through our rigorous fact-finding and analysis, we help derive your timeless purpose. We craft a memorable, authentic, and inspiring purpose statement and story.


Next, we look to your leadership team to begin seeding your purpose throughout the organization. We partner with your leaders to help them find ways to live your organizational purpose more fully.


As soon as leaders start embodying and championing purpose, it’s time to transform the entire organization’s culture, strategy, and branding through the lens of organizational purpose. Purpose is implemented by fully integrating it into ways of working, enabling employees to become more emotionally connected and to feel a deeper sense of meaning in their work.

Customer Experience Leadership

Pinpoint the customer experience improvements that produce outsized results


Customer Episode Design

Turn traditional cost-cutting on its head by focusing on customer episodes as the essential unit of operating expense. This holistic approach not only saves more money but reduces complexity and increases customer satisfaction.


Net Promoter System℠

Focus on earning the passionate loyalty of customers while inspiring the energy, enthusiasm and creativity of employees to accelerate profitable, sustainable organic growth.


Customer Value Management

A proven — and undervalued — source of profitable growth.


Service Operations

Balance quality, cost and revenue objectives as you delight customers and motivate employees


Sales & Marketing

Put customers first to power your growth




At a Glance

Marketing performance

Since 2018 we’ve partnered with our clients to generate $649M in in-year savings, with a path to exceed $2.5B by year-end 2021. And we’ve improved client ROI by an average of 23%. 

Creative acceleration

We combine empathy, aesthetic problem solving and quantitative thinking to produce powerful creative that elicits emotion, spurs action and connects brands with buyers’ core beliefs and values.

Capability development

We help your teams build on and accelerate your success through ongoing support that includes sourcing and deploying the right technologies and tools and providing relevant training.


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Your organization isn’t static; your solution shouldn’t be either.

As sustainable-revenue-growth experts, we support the full chain to impact to get you moving quickly and continually enhance your capabilities whenever you need to

success rate with Periscope, by combining tools and experts

success rate with tools alone

Navigate a shifting market

Revenue-growth processes need to continuously evolve to adapt to both internal and external dynamics and need to be revisited every 6-9 months due to: